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    Stulz now offers Centiel UPS Solutions. This Swiss-based technology delivers the 4th generation of modular UPS-systems

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  • STULZ Australia continuously strives to deliver the most resilient and energy-efficient cooling performance in order to support the protection of lives, critical data, our economy and our future.

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  • Scientific Application of Precision Climate

    Purpose-built climate control solutions to help ensure the integrity of laboratory test results.

  • Protecting and Optimising Data Centres at any scale

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  • Leading the Expansion of the Information Economy

    Hybrid Clouds and The Internet of Things will require more Data Centres to be located in compact urban environments.

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    Right-sized micro data centres delivering compute, storage and network on-premise

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STULZ – Air conditioning solutions you can rely on for dependable applications

Backed by over 40 years of experience, STULZ is one of the foremost pioneers in the field of air conditioning solutions for dependable applications and Data Centres. STULZ air conditioning equipment is developed and manufactured primarily in Germany, to the very highest standards of quality and in line with exceptionally stringent testing criteria.

We are specialists in our field and are equipped with a level of technical expertise in Data Centres that stretches far beyond simply our core business. The STULZ product range includes traditional room cooling, high-density cooling, chillers, container modules and air handling units with adiabatic cooling. All systems are available with Indirect Free Cooling. STULZ offers Direct Free Cooling for CRAC systems, air handling units and modular Data Centres.

Together with its various sizes, extensive additional options and modularity, STULZ therefore boasts a product range that is unique in the world and can make optimum air conditioning a reality for practically every Data Centre project.


At home all over the world

Since it was founded in 1947, the STULZ company has evolved into one of the world’s leading system suppliers of air-conditioning technology. With the manufacture of precision air-conditioning units and chillers, the sale of air-conditioning and humidification systems and service and object management, this division of the STULZ Group achieved a turnover of around 420 million euros in 2016.

Since 1974 the group has seen continual international expansion of its air conditioning technology business, specialising in A/C for data centres and telecommunications installations. STULZ employs 2,300 workers in Germany and nineteen subsidiaries (in Germany, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Belgium, Brazil, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Mexico, Austria, Poland, Spain, Singapore, China, India, Indonesia, South Africa, Australia and the USA).

The company also co-operates with sales and service partners in over 135 other countries, and therefore boasts an international network of air-conditioning specialists. It has production plants in Germany, Italy, the USA, United Kingdom, Spain, 2 in China, Brazil and India. The STULZ Group employs around 6,700 people worldwide, with current annual sales of around 1,200 million euros.


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