AirBooster 2 & AirModulator 2

Airflow management for Data Centers

The new AirModulator 2 and AirBooster 2 units from STULZ are deployed in the raised floor directly in front of the server rack in just a few simple steps. They utilize the same air conduction system from the air-conditioners to the racks and are controlled exactly in line with cooling needs. Fast, simple and reliable.

STULZ Airflow units - the key facts

  • Application area: IT sector

  • For medium-sized and large Data centers

  • Suitable for high-density racks up to 15 kW

AirBooster 2

AirBooster 2 – for targeted hot spot cooling

As the AirBooster 2 features manually configurable air conduction fins, this enables pinpoint cooling of hot spots where they occur. The fins are precisely directed towards target locations that require increased cooling. This concentrated airflow goes to work on the hot spots, reducing overall hot spot problems. This generates optimum supply air conditions without any complex installations or enclosures.

  1. Microcontroller
  2. EC fan

Airflow in two zones

The air stream of the AirBooster 2 units can be directed at 2 zones per server rack. Depending on the utilization of the server, the manually adjustable air conduction fins can be used to steer the air conduction towards the areas with the heaviest load.

Pinpoint cooling of hot spots in server racks

The units feature a speed-controlled EC fan, a controller and multiple temperature sensors. These sensors, which are attached to the server at different heights, measure the server inlet temperature. The controller controls the fan speed depending on the measured temperature values and a configurable setpoint.

If the server inlet temperature should rise, the fan speed is increased in order to ensure sufficient cooling of the servers.

Benefits of the AirBooster 2

AirBooster 2 variations
  • Pinpoint cooling of hot spots in server racks

  • Easy installation, operational in minimal time

  • Configurable air conduction fins for targeted air conduction in 2 zones

  • EC fan for pinpoint accuracy of air flow supply

  • Air conduction of up to 4,360 m3/h

  • Temperature measurement via 3 sensors

  • Optional pressure control

  • Low power consumption in rated operation

  • No enclosure required

  • Uwe Kudszus, Product Manager

    "The independent AirBooster units are simply installed under the raised floor and connected to the mains electricity supply, and the temperature sensors are mounted on the server rack. Now the integrated EC fans can cool the previously under-supplied rack with precisely the right amount of cooling air."


Airflow management solutions from STULZ

Server racks deployed in a data center feature different heat loads according to the application. In this era of server virtualization and cloud technologies, changing utilization is the requirement that has to be addressed.

This results in an oversupply or undersupply of supply air to your servers, which can lead to increased operating costs or even superheating followed by server failure.

Greater flexibility for cooling data center hot spots

Airflow solutions from STULZ are installed in the raised floors between server racks and air conditioning systems and are thus able to make use of the air conduction of air conditioning systems. Under the requirement that the airflow in the raised floor is sufficient, the units supply to IT precisely according to cooling needs. Integrated sensors ensure that cold air requirements are automatically determined and the necessary airflow is provided. Fast, simple and reliable.

Airflow in Data Center
  1. AirModulator 2
  2. AirBooster 2
  3. External pressure control module
  4. Raised floor pressure control





Benefits of the STULZ Airflow solutions

  • Control according to cooling needs for efficient and reliable air supply

  • Easy installation, operational in minimal time

  • UL and CE compliant

  • Airflow management with an integrated controller or an external pressure control module

  • Perfect fit for standard raised floor grilles (598 x 598 mm)

  • Low height allows installation under raised floors (≥ 400 mm)

  • Grilles available in 2 designs for individual requirements

  • Can be connected to building services management systems

  • 3 temperature sensors for precise control

  • Service available worldwide

  • Short delivery time

AirModulator 2

AirModulator 2 – efficient cooling with fluctuating heat load

In the case of fluctuating heat loads in the data center, certain server racks are cooled more than required and this can lead to unnecessary operating costs.

In order to increase the energy efficiency, the AirModulator units reduce the air supply to these racks.

The units feature louvre dampers that can be precisely configured via a servo motor and therefore ensure that only the amount of air that is actually required by the racks is released from the floor.

  1. Microcontroller
  2. Adjustable louvre dampers
  3. Servo motor for controlling the dampers
  4. Maximum damper surface

Needs-based cooling in the cold aisle

With needs-based air volume control, it is possible to reduce the energy requirement for air conditioning in the cold aisle. If multiple cold aisle enclosures are supplied from a single raised floor in particular, the varying heat loads of the individual aisles must be taken into account in order to guarantee consistent server operating conditions. In this regard, the AirModulator units are the ideal solution for saving on operating costs.

Efficient cooling without structural alterations

In data centers that feature a sufficient air supply in the raised floor and in which cold and warm aisles are not separated from one another by structural measures, the AirModulator 2 units are an efficient solution. Thanks to the targeted supply of cold air directly in front of the servers, the mixing of cold and warm air is reduced and this significantly increases the energy efficiency.

Benefits of the AirModulator 2

  • High energy efficiency thanks to precise control according to cooling needs

  • Easy installation, operational in minimal time

  • No unnecessary oversupply of the servers in cold aisle enclosures

  • In order to ensure safety, the dampers open automatically/completely in the event of a power failure

  • Protects the fans integrated in the servers against overpressure

  • Designed for smaller pressure drops (maximum damper surface)

  • Low leakage rate when dampers are closed: 35 m3/h at 20 Pa

  • Temperature measurement via 3 sensors

  • Optional pressure control

  • Optimum operating conditions thanks to smart control

    For units with integrated control

    • User-friendly interface and display

    • RS485 interface for building management

    • RTU Modbus protocol

    • Connection terminals for remote control on/off

    • Auxiliary contact for general alarm signals

    • 3 temperature sensors

    • Unit of measurement on temperature display: °C or °F

    • Illuminated on/off switch

    • LED status light

    External pressure control module

    • Pressure control for up to 10 units

    • Centralized fault indication

    • Connection terminals for 0–10 V control signals

    • Pressure range: 10–80 Pa

    • Can be connected to Modbus

    • Zero potential contacts for alarm notifications

    • Rapid connections for electrical supply, sensors and building management contacts

    • LED status light

  • Grilles in two designs

    Light duty grille for optimum air flow

    • Flow-optimized grille for small pressure drops

    • Classification according to BS EN 13264:2001

    • Distributed load 33 kN/m2

    • Point load 1.5 kN over 25 mm x 25 mm

    • Dimensions (width x height x depth): 598 mm x 598 mm x 20 mm

    • Can be adjusted to various raised floor grille strengths: 23–44 mm

    • Color: RAL 7047

    Heavy duty grille for protection against mechanical loads

    • Available as an option

    • Protects the units against loads relating to lift trucks

    • Classification according to BS EN 13264:2001

    • Point load 4.5 kN over 25 mm x 25 mm

    • Dimensions (width x height x depth): 598 mm x 598 mm x 30 mm

    • Can be adjusted to various raised floor grille strengths: 33-50 mm

    • Color: RAL 7047




  • AirModulator 2 and AirBooster 2

  • AirBooster 2 (without grille)

  • AirModulator 2 (without grille)

  • Heavy duty grille for AirBooster 2 / AirModulator 2

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