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Micro Data Centres

The Stulz-TI Micro Data Centre is an all-in-one solution that incorporates the rack, cable management, cooling, UPS, power, environmental monitoring and fire suppression into one unit.


  • Conventional hardware options

  • Two height options

  • Three width options

  • IP55 Rated

  • Scalable

  • Airflow and cooling efficient

  • Castor wheels for easy movement

  • Very High Density Applications (80KW per rack)

  • Huge variety of options

  • Secure


The STULZ-TI Micro Data Centre is designed to be scalable. The premise is that you can purchase a single rack and cooling system and scale it out over time as budget or requirement allows. From Day 2 you may wish to add secondary cooling unit for resilience or a 800mm rack for networking. With the STULZ-TI Micro DC this is easy, simply remove the side panel and bolt in your next chassis.

Rack Dimensions

The rack is available in two heights, 40U and 45U. Both heights offer three rack widths, 400mm, 600mm and 800mm. 400mm is designed to house a Stulz row-cooling unit. The 600mm rack is a standard Data Centre rack and the 800mm rack chassis is designed for networking and high density applications.


  • 0 – 5kW

  • 6 – 10kW

  • 11 – 20kW

  • 20+ kW

High Density

High Density applications can use liquid cooling through STULZ-TI’s partner Cool IT. The Cool IT system offers very efficient operation to reach densities of up to 80kw per rack. When looking to use Cool IT hardware the 800mm rack must be selected.


The Micro DC comes with a host of options including lighting, door access, frame colours, branding, ramp, weather shelter, blanking panels and more.

Each Micro Data Centre is preconfigured at the STULZ-TI factory to customer specification, allowing for rapid deployment on site.

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