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Scalable Modular Data Centres

The SMDC is a Data Centre designed and built to specific project requirements, transported in pre-configured modules, and assembled together on site to provide a fully functioning Data Centre ready for server deployment.

Any size of module that can be transported by road can be manufactured, and any number of modules may be assembled together on site to provide an extremely flexible data centre solution.


  • Same benefits as an RDDC

  • Scalable

  • No columns required – unobtrusive white space

  • Stackable

  • 6x faster to deploy than traditional DC

  • Easy to deploy

  • Largest single pod transportable via road can be up to 30M (L) x 6M (W) x 5M (H)


The STULZ-TI SMDC is a purpose made structure designed as uniquely to the client and will be designed to their exact requirements for a variety of environments. The SMDC is designed around the final loadings that includes rockwool on all 6 sides to aid thermal properties. The rockwool also enables a 240 minute fire rating. The modules are designed to distribute the weight across the structure and reduce point loads. The SMDC therefore does not require support posts and enables an unobtrusive white space.

Off-Site Construction

The SMDC concept allows STULZ-TI to deliver a custom designed and purpose built Data Centre that is completely constructed off site. Each module is manufactured, configured and fully tested before delivery, so site work is minimal allowing the data centre to be operational with the minimum of delay.

This modular approach allows IT estate to be right-sized, reducing both capital expenditure and operational costs – you build what you need today and expand as and when you need to.


The SMDC is a bespoke solution which can be designed and built to your exact standards. Separate Data Centre, UPS, battery, and switchgear and generator rooms can be accommodated. SMDC’s can be deployed both internally and externally, and can be located in almost any location, be it a warehouse, car park, or even on top of a building.

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