Options for the CyberAir 3 DX

The numerous different options and possible equipment enable you to perfectly adapt STULZ units to your requirements.

Options for DX units

  • High-efficiency rear panel

  • Electric heater, 1 to 3 stages, continuous, proportional

  • Continuous steam humidification

  • Maintained heating of refrigerant

  • Raised floor stand in various heights

  • Louver dampers

  • Fresh air connection

  • Air blow-out plenum

  • Duct fitting with pocket filter attachment F6, F7, F9

  • Output control with suction throttle or hot-gas bypass

  • Microprocessor-controlled regulation of condensation pressure by 2-way or 3-way valves

  • Dual power feed with automatic or manual switchover plus option of UPS buffering of the controller

  • C7000 Advanced user interface

  • Smoke and fire alarms

  • Suitable for connection to all common BMS systems, RS485 and RS232 interface for direct connection to a BMS

  • and many more

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