Combined Efficiency

Combined efficiency from STULZ: CyberAir 3PRO with CyberCool 2 chiller

Air conditioning solutions from STULZ offer synchronised overall systems that cool server rooms efficiently and reliably. For data centres, in particular, combining the CyberCool 2 chiller with the CyberAir 3PRO CW precision air conditioning unit is an investment in lasting quality, reliability and outstanding efficiency.

Chilled water cooling (CW) – efficiency, flexibility and reliability

Maximum Efficiency

Water transfers heat 3,500 times better than air, which explains the efficiency of chilled water systems. Only the chilling energy the data centre actually needs is produced. And Free Cooling has the potential to reduce power consumption radically – by up to 90 %.

Optimum Flexibility

Chilled water systems can be flexibly adapted, whether intended for a first-time installation or for modernisation. The components can be adapted in terms of size, quantity, layout, room type, IT, heat load and air conduction, and can be combined with and without raised floor. A CW system is always universal.

Superior reliability

Made in Germany – at STULZ, this is a promise of quality, reliability and a long life. It incorporates solid production engineering, innovative cooling technology, simple and intuitive use and – if the occasion arises – lightning-fast service on your doorstep and excellent spare part availability.

TCO leader

STULZ chiller solutions are consistently further developed to be the best when it comes to a TCO comparison: chiller systems that continue to have the lowest overall running costs over their lifetime, in all operating conditions. With STULZ, data centre operators are making a sensible investment decision, because they realise: investing in the quality, reliability and efficiency of STULZ chiller solutions pays off during operation after just a short time, due to energy savings and operational reliability.

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