Options for CyberAir 3PRO CW

The numerous different options and possible equipment enable you to perfectly adapt CyberAir 3PRO CW units to your requirements.

  • Dual power supply with automatic or manual switchover plus option of UPS buffering of the controller

  • Pressure independent 2-way control ball valve

  • C7000 Advanced user interface

  • C7000 AT controller with display of airflow rate, total cooling capacity, unit EER

  • Indirect Dynamic Free Cooling for CW2

  • Intake plenum for Direct Free Cooling

  • Electric heater, one to three stages, continuous

  • Reheating of hot water reheat

  • Continuous steam humidification

  • Raised floor stand in various heights

  • Louver dampers

  • Duct fitting with pocket filter attachment F7, F9

  • 3-way CW valve

  • Smoke and fire alarms

  • Suitable for connection to all common BMS systems, RS485 and RS232 interface for direct connection to a BMS

Pressure independent 2-way control ball valve

CyberAir 3PRO CW can be equipped with a pressure independent control valve. Here always the full-load water flowrate is set as a setpoint. The valve regulates the required water volume depending on the load.

"Pressure independent" means that the consumer always receives the correct water flowrate and that the control accuracy does not depend on the position of the valve as well as the pressure conditions in the hydraulic system.

Benefits of the pressure independent control valve

  • Simple and fast valve layout depending on the required water flowrate

  • No throttles and control valves necessary

  • No lenghty and personnel intensive hydraulic adjustment

  • Stable and precise regulation in each load condition by firmly defined water flowrate

  • Water flowrate can be read out

  • Flexibly settable water flowrate

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