Customised refrigeration systems

Energy efficiency, capital investment, running costs, room size, noise protection, redundancy, local climate – every project has its own specific requirements when it comes to precise air conditioning. 


Our customers can choose between different configurations and so achieve an ideal balance between capital investment, running costs and energy efficiency. STULZ is the world's only manufacturer to offer such a huge spectrum of configuration options.

CW system
Liquid cooled system


CW units manage without a refrigerant circuit of their own, but require separate chilled water generation. The room air conveyed by the fan flows through the direct cooling unit, which transfers heat to the water/glycol mixture. A chiller removes the heat from this water/glycol mixture. The air conditioning unit and the chiller are connected to one another by a closed water/glycol circuit.

CW2 system: Liquid cooled system with built-in redundancy

High-reliability systems frequently require a second, independent chilled water supply. Therefore, in the CW2 system two redundant CW systems are integrated in a single air conditioning unit, saving valuable space in the Data Center.

Integration made easy: ASR, ASH, ASD und ASU versions

The CyberAir 3PRO CW is a model of adaptability. Size, cooling capacity, blow-out direction, type of heat exchanger, or control: you can adapt STULZ air conditioning solutions precisely to your data centre's individual requirements.


ASR (R = Raised Floor)
ASH (H = High)
ASD (D = Downflow)
ASU (U = Upflow)


  • ASR Front/Back/Down

  • ASR Front

  • ASH Down

  • ASH Displacement

  • ASD Downflow

  • ASU Upflow

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