CyberCool 2

The high-end chiller for Data Centres

The units, which were produced in Hamburg, have been developed especially for use in Data Centres and industry and satisfy all requirements for efficiency and reliability.

Solutions for CyberCool 2 units

  • Chiller for medium-sized and large Data Centres

  • Indirect Free Cooling

  • Outdoor installation

  • For Data Centres, ICT sector, industry, medical, mission critical applications



  • Noise-optimised design

    encapsulated compressor chamber, fans with large surface area, ample coil surfaces

  • Low energy consumption

    Featuring high-quality components and an innovative product design, the CyberCool 2 boosts the energy efficiency of your air conditioning system to the max.

  • Reliable operation

    During the development of CyberCool 2 high-end chillers, no downtimes and absolutely reliable 24/7 operation in the Data Centre were the primary objectives.

  • Innovative control

    The CyberCool 2 is ideal for integration in existing systems and can be controlled to perfection by the STULZ control system.

  • Made and Engineered in Germany

    Use is made exclusively of system components commonly available on the market and adapted for industry. This ensures the best possible spare parts supply and constant availability.

  • Ongoing quality management during production

    Every CyberCool 2 is tested in mechanical and electrical test runs to ensure perfect function and performance.

Purposely maximised components

  • Fans maximised in size enable quiet operation, optionally with speed reserves, and additionally bring about lower electricity consumption.
  • Overdimensioned evaporators allow a variable flow rate and keep running costs to a minimum.
  • Maximised condensers and Free Cooling surfaces help to extend the Free Cooling time, enabling even more energy efficient operation. 
  • Maximised condensers and Free Cooling coils provide a generous air impact surface, enabling even more energy efficient operation for compressors and Free Cooling mode, thanks to early switching points.
  • Christian Lohrmann, Product Manager

    "The sum total of all these small details makes the difference!"

Maximised Free Cooling coils

  • Copper-aluminum coils
  • W-block structure for a maximised surface area
  • Reduced compressor runtimes thanks to early, flexible switchover to Mixed and Free Cooling mode
  • Pump power consumption is minimised due to low losses of hydraulic pressure, e.g. by using dampers instead of 3-way mixers for switching between DX/MIX/FC

Fans maximised in size

  • EC fan with 910°mm diameter
  • Low fan speed for general noise optimization
  • The EC energy-saving effect is exploited in all operating modes DX-MIX-FC/8,760 h/a
  • Speed reserves for additional airflow if required, e.g. at high outside temperatures

Variety of options for the CyberCool 2.


CyberCool 2 with screw compressors

• Cooling capacity from approx. 400 to 1,400 kW

• Refrigerant R134a

• All screw compressors in combination with tube bundle evaporators with dry expansion (DX) 

• Dual circuit chiller version


CyberCool 2 with scroll compressors

• Cooling capacity from approx. 50 to 600 kW

• Evaporator designed as a brazed plate heat exchanger

• Refrigerant R410a

• Single or dual circuit chiller versions


High-quality workmanship and engineering excellence – Made in Germany



  • Compressed gas pipe of stainless steel for screw compressors

  • Refrigerant and Free Cooling circuits in a symmetrically arranged pipeline system

  • Reduced solder and weld points resulting in low leakage losses

  • Electronic expansion valve as standard for all models

  • Wide range of applications at outside temperatures from – -40 to + 55 °C

  • Cable management – cables always routed inside sealed metal cable

  • Exclusive use is made of motor protectors for 3-phase consumers

  • Integration of air baffles to prevent turbulence, ensuring optimum flow to the internal W-bock coil elements

  • Consistent separation of air in individual module blocks (pressure chamber principle)

  • Certification to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

  • Sturdy base frame in welded U-profile steel

  • Isolated compressor chamber to reduce noise

  • Maximised coil surfaces for refrigerant and Free Cooling circuits

  • Easy installation and machine connection

  • Generously sized switch gear cabinet with space for numerous options

  • Active cooling of switch gear cabinets by a closed-circuit cooling unit to ensure thermally stable operating conditions

  • Use of identical system components, e.g. compressors (1 spare part for 2 refrigerant circuits)


Control and monitoring  

  • C7000 controller 
  • STULZ hardware and software developed in-house
  • Connection to building automation systems
  • Operates several chillers in parallel, or adaptation to specific customer requirements
  • Sequencing for runtime compensation
  • Energy efficient system operation at every operating point
  • Early warning system (warning and main alarm)
  • Successful Projects

    Efficient chilled water generation for envia TEL

    Project story



  • STULZ CyberCool 2 Broschure 1804 EN

    The quietest, most efficient and most reliable chiller in its class.
    Made as required. Made in Germany.

    • File: STULZ_CyberCool_2_broschure_1804_EN.pdf

    • Type: Adobe PDF

    • Size: 4,88 MB

    • Language: English

    • Date: 2018-05-16

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