STULZ Explorer

Cooling for mission critical systems

The STULZ Explorer is a chiller suitable for a variety of applications. The Explorer series allows STULZ to offer a budget-optimised, state-of-the-art chiller with the high flexibility it takes to meet a wide range of customer requirements.

Solutions for Explorer chillers

  • Indirect Free Cooling

  • Data Centres, ITC sector, industry

  • Facilities such as hotels, office buildings, shopping malls, medical etc.



  • Compact design

    The Explorer offers maximum cooling capacity with a minimal footprint.

  • Reliability

    High-quality components with easy access for maintenance purposes

  • Standardised components

    By using state-of-the-art components that are commonly found on the market, rapid availability of spare parts is guaranteed.

  • Innovative control

    STULZ's own control system with touch display enables the STULZ Explorer to be perfectly integrated in existing systems.

  • Sustainability

    Due to the reduced piping lengths and the microchannel coils, the Explorer contains only a small amount of refrigerant and protects the environment.

  • Flexibility

    A targeted selection of options as well as the possible customization allow it to be adapted to customer requirements.

Optimised coil surfaces

Standardised use of microchannel coils reduces the heat exchanger depth and thus the internal pressure losses while also facilitating reduction of the refrigerant filling quantity and greater efficiency.

  • Natascha Meyer, Product Manager

    "Robust design and efficiency, united!"

Compressor chamber

The low-noise version facilitates lower noise levels thanks to the closed compressor chamber and fan speed reduction.

Variety of options for the STULZ explorer


Explorer with Screw compressors

  • Cooling capacity from ca. 370 to 1,200 kW

  • Refrigerant R134a

  • Constant-speed screws combined with evaporators with dry expansion

  • Dual circuit chiller version (Trio and Tandem)

Explorer with Scroll compressors

  • Cooling capacity from approx. 160 to 560 kW

  • Evaporator designed as a brazed plate heat exchanger

  • Refrigerant R410a

  • Single or dual circuit chiller versions


  • Generously proportioned cabinet

  • Easy installation and machine connection

  • Power outlet as standard in the cabinet for easy service

  • Filter dryer with exchangeable core

  • Electronic expansion valve as standard, controlled by the STULZ C2020

  • Interchangeable components


Control and monitoring  

  • C2020 controller
  • Touchscreen in two different sizes
  • Adaptation to customer specific requirements
  • Sequencing for runtime compensation
  • Integrated control of up to 6 units
  • Connection to Building Management Systems
  • Different languages selectable
  • Intuitive navigation 
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