Stulz Leak Detection Systems

Early Warning Liquid Leak Detection

The Stulz early warning leak detection system or Stulz LDS is designed and developed under our own ASIC (application specific integrated circuit) parts and implemented seamlessly into the product design for the leak detection industry application.

Benefits of the Stulz Leak Detection System

  • Customisation

    Allows semi-customised designs and solutions to meet market-specific requirements with prompt response time.

  • Fail-Safe Loop Back Feature

    This is our unique point of difference in the leak detection industry. All other industry suppliers only offer a normal end termination approach. Our system will continue to operate in the event of a cable break occurrence.

  • Custom cable lengths

    Allows for sensing cable to meet the exact installation requirements.

  • Panel systems

    The system allows for distributed or centralised panels.

  • Display

    Touch panel (optional) with various display sizes (such as LCD dimensions in 18 cm or 30cm).

  • Adjustability

    Leak sensitivity is easily adjustable at site for each panel/zone.

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