Precision air conditioning unit for flexible installation

The Split-Air-3 is the space and energy-saving version for the reliable cooling of containers. The unit consists of an indoor and an outdoor unit, and because the indoor unit can be mounted either on the wall or ceiling, it is also ideal when space is at a premium. 

Solutions for Split-Air-3 units

  • Shelter cooling

  • Modular data centres

  • Direct Free Cooling

  • For use in telecommunications, infrastructure



  • Innovative technology and high-quality components for low energy consumption

  • Suitable for residential areas due to its low noise

  • Plug and play and therefore immediately ready for connection and use

Direct Free Cooling

With Free Cooling, the units achieve savings of up to 83 % on running costs.


  • Uwe Kudszus, Product Manager

    “With an indoor unit that can be installed on the wall or ceiling, as space allows, and an outdoor unit with very low noise emissions, the Split-Air-3 fits in virtually any container, and can also be used in noise-sensitive areas.“

Flexibility thanks to variable air conduction 

Due to the adjustable air supply via the front or underside of Split-Air-3 indoor units, they are suitable for mounting both on the wall and ceiling.

Ceiling-mounted installation

Wall-mounted installation

Advantages of the speed-controlled EC compressor

  • Maximum energy efficiency in partial load mode
  • Constant supply air temperature
  • Refrigerant R410A
  • Integrated compressor soft start for low startig currents
  • Long service life thanks to continuous operation without compressor on/off cycles






  • Factory tested, filled with refrigerant and ready for operation from the very first day

  • Available with EC compressor

  • Optionally with Free Cooling module

  • Condensation pressure control

  • Outside air conditions: -25/+50 °C winter/summer

  • Automatic restart after power failure

  • Filter monitor

  • Easy installation and maintenance

  • G3 air filter

  • Refrigerant R407C


Control and monitoring  

The C2020 consists of a controller and an optional operator terminal. The controller controls all the functions of the Split-Air-3 unit. The operator terminal, consisting of a keypad and LCD, displays the most important operating states and alerts.


  • The C2020 enables up to ten units to be configured in a single air conditioning system. If an individual unit drops out or the heat load rises, the standby unit is switched in for additional support
  • The operating times of all connected air conditioning units are compared to make sure each one is used to an equal extent

Night mode

  • Time-controlled limitation of the condenser and evaporator fan speed for quiet operation
  • Energy-saving mode
  • The (adjustable) fan speed is automatically reduced at times when neither heating nor cooling is required

Monitoring and alarm relaying

  • Via BMS systems (Modbus onboard, further protocols via WIB 1000)
  • Nine potential free contacts are available: Alarms can be assigned a high or low priority
  • Via GSM modem (CompTrol SMS)

Simple configuration and software updates

  • Central configuration of units from a laptop
  • Hardware key for uploading and downloading software without a laptop and/or copying the configuration onto other units
  • High-pressure alarm management
  • In order to avoid unnecessary service callouts, high-pressure alarms are initially reset three times automatically. Then, after the fourth error message, the alarm must be manually deleted after four hours

WIB 1000

WIB 1000 is the all-in-one interface for data exchange and monitoring

  • Ongoing retrieval of data from the controller
  • Ethernet interface
  • Easy connection to existing building management system
  • Simultaneous HTTP and SNMP
  • Easy, fast configuration from a laptop
  • Compatible with all common BMS systems
  • Communication via SNMP and HTTP IP protocols




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