Electrode steam humidifier for professionals

The STULZ SupraSteam series is the technically flexible solution for all industrial and private applications. The unit is proven around the world, quick to install and easy to use.

It is also suitable for museums, exhibition rooms and building complexes that have to be kept sterile.

Solutions for SupraSteam units

  • Electrode steam humidifiers for industry and the home as well as museums, exhibition rooms and building complexes that have to be kept sterile



  • Steam production from 1.5 kg/h to 65 kg/h, depending on the model

  • The steam cylinders can be replaced and cleaned without any issues.

  • Type of control can be selected

  • Air duct humidification with optional steam lance

  • Direct room humidification with optional top-mounted fan

  • Patented anti-foaming system AFS

  • Integrated conductivity sensor for optimising steam production, increasing cylinder life and minimising running costs through more efficient limescale separation

  • Connection to monitoring and remote maintenance systems

  • Optional remote controller with graphic display, operational at up to 1 km


Features of the integrated control module

  • On, Off or Proportional mode via external control signal (voltage or current)

  • Possible signal types (sensor or control signal): 0–10 V; 0–1 V; 2–10 V; 4–20 mA; 0–20 mA

  • Humidity control with humidity sensor (actual value/setpoint comparison)

  • Second moisture sensor can be connected as a supply air limit sensor

  • Output regulation between 20 % and 100 %

  • Adjustable maximum output

  • Steam cylinder operating hours counter

  • Automatic purging when not in use, for guaranteed hygienically safe operation

  • Alphanumerical display

  • Output of floating alarm or dehumidification signal

  • RS485 interface (in combination with STULZ Humivisor MT)


Operating conditions

Permitted water pressure1 ... 8 bar
Water conductivity125 ... 1,250 μS/cm
Hardness °dH5.62 – 22.5
Ambient temperature max.1 ... 40 °C
Ambient humidity max.10 ... 90 % RH
Protection ratingIP20




  • Brochure STULZ SupraSteam®

    • File: STULZ_SupraSteam_Brochure_0709_en.pdf

    • Type: Adobe PDF

    • Size: 725,77 KB

    • Language: English

    • Date: 2009-07-01

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